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Our new design features an ouroboros, an ancient symbol of transformation & wholeness. The ouroboros is a powerful metaphor for this work - especially the inner work we must do to embrace the paradox being both heartbroken and whole.

How will learning about Grief Massageā„  inspire you?


Are you a massage therapist who feels called to create safe, healing spaces for your clients? 

Do you feel drawn to seek out something deeper and more meaningful than mainstream massage therapy approaches? Do you want to feel that you are making a significant difference through the work you do in the world?

If so, welcome to your space for inspiration and support.

The Institute for Grief Massage is here to offer you ideas, inspiration, practical support, and real-world inspired training courses in Grief Massage.


Our approach to massage therapy for grieving clients: 

-be gentle

-stay grounded

-let go of the need to "fix" things for your client


What if you could train your hands and heart to be present with pain?

What if you could create a warm nest -- a sanctuary -- for your grieving clients?

What if you could be a safe and affirming presence in the lives of people who are heartbroken from the death of their loved one?

The Institute for Grief Massage Inc. is here to encourage and inspire you.

Our training courses are rooted in the real-life experiences of the massage therapist who created our Grief Massage approach. We are here to explore creative ways to offer Grief Massage, and we hope you are inspired by the time you spend with us.

EXCITING NEWS: Our primary website, www.griefmassage.org has been redesigned. We will be merging this website (www.learngriefmassage.org) with that website over time. Please visit www.griefmassage.org to get the full experience of The Institute for Grief Massage Inc.

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